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2606 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Industrial Chimney and Smoke Stacks

September 12th, 2016


This is the first course in the rope rescue series and is required for the Confined Space Rescue course. Provides an introduction to rope, knots, and hitches rappelling techniques and basic haul systems. Helmet, boots and gloves required.

Course DAY 1- Eight Hours

  • Introduction, paperwork
  • Introduction to Rope and Rescue Equipment
  • Different types of ropes, Construction & Strengths; Hardware and Software
  • First Half of class-knots and hitches
  • Second half of class-basic litter tie-ins
  • First Half of class-basic rappelling and belaying
  • Second half of class-litter handling exercise
  • Warm up and practice rappelling and belays
  • Tie-offs
  • Tie Prussik onto line
  • Self-Rescue
  • Practice above and do check-off sheets
  • Litter handling exercise

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